Uncontested Divorce

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What is an Uncontested Divorce?

When two people divorce, they must resolve many issues, such as equitable distribution, alimony payments, child support, and time-sharing.  In an Uncontested Divorce the parties have an agreement on all of these issues.  If you do not understand the scope of equitable distribution, alimony in Florida, child support and time-sharing then you may not have an Uncontested Divorce.

Equitable Distribution

The first step in equitable distribution is to determine what property is marital and what property in non-marital.  In an Uncontested Divorce, you and your spouse have an agreement as to how you will divide the marital debts and assets.  If you need to divide real estate then you should hire an attorney to understand your options and, if necessary, to make sure that the title is properly transferred.  If you have assets then your attorney will need to make sure that your assets are properly transferred.  For example, if you have a retirement account then your attorney will need to determine whether a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is required.  If you have real estate then your attorney will need to prepare documents to transfer title to the property.

Time-Sharing and Child Support

When you divorce and have minor children then you must have a Parenting Plan and pay child support.  If you are proceeding with an uncontested divorce then you and your spouse already have an agreement regarding all aspects of your Parenting Plan, including time-sharing.  Both of you also have an understanding of calculating child support, which  is required by Florida Law and an agreement to pay that amount.

Uncontested Divorces are the lowest cost

Getting a divorce should not be expensive when there are no unresolved issues.  If you and you spouse already have an agreement regarding the division of your assets and debts, as well as a Parenting Plan and child support then you are probably able to proceed with an uncontested divorce.

If you have an uncontested divorce then contact our office to help you get a divorce with the least amount of cost as possible.