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At John M. Iriye P.A. we have a strong grasp of commercial real estate law and the professional ability to seek the results that our clients are looking for. We work with a range of clients, including buyers, sellers, owners and renters. We understand the many facets of these

Real Estate Construction

Real Estate Construction

cases, as well as the potential issues that we can prepare against. Our team is dedicated in everything we do and this commitment is evidenced through the results that we are able to retain.

Our Areas of Practice

Contracts for Sale and Purchase
During the transaction of real estate, the contract of sale and purchase will be vital for steering the direction of the case. The contract should be well developed from the start to assist the remainder of the process. A well drafted contract can work to the benefit of both the buyer and the seller. Title insurance is also a way to protect against a financial hit in the event that flaws are found.

Commercial Leases
commercial lease will be used in renting commercial space and these leases can have a number of differences that are important to understand. They can influence the future health of a business so prior to making any agreements with a landlord the details of the lease should be fully comprehended.

Commercial Disputes
Disputes may arise for any number of reasons and sometimes these disputes can be resolves by working together, or sometimes they require further legal action to be made. They should be dealt with immediately as they can influence the productivity of a business.

Landlord and Tenant Disputes
Landlords and tenants can face disagreement based on a number of areas, such as the upkeep of the building, contracts and other relevant issues. In commercial real estate, a tenant owns the business but the building is owned by the landlord. Issues can ultimately influence the business, increasing the importance to have these disputes resolved in an effective manner.

Commercial Litigation
Litigation issues can include a broad range of topics including a breach of contract, land dispute, employment law and more. Our firm works with both complex and simpler cases to find resolutions for those that we represent.

Mortgages for commercial property can have a number of differences from a standard mortgage that should be recognized before becoming a borrower. There are also similarities, such as the possibility of facing foreclosure or the need to finance.

Speak to a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Over the years the laws regarding commercial real estate in Florida have continued to increase in their complexity. With this change we have expanded our knowledge on an ongoing basis so that we are aware of any information that can influence our clients or work to their benefit. A thorough plan from an experienced Real Estate Attorney can help reduce the stress of a situation and allow for an overall smoother process. We represent individuals with all types of situations. Learn more about the ways that we can assist in this area of the law by requesting a consultation.