Equitable Distribution Real Estate

Equitable Distribution & Real Estate

When a marriage has come to an end, and the couple has decided to get divorced, there are numerous issues which must be taken into consideration and resolved before the divorce can be finalized. One such issue involves how assets and property will be divided. The state of Florida is what is termed an equitable distribution state. That means all assets, real estate, earnings, debts and other possessions acquired during the course of the marriage must be divided equitably between the two parties. Note that this does not mean equal distribution, it simply means that there must be a fair, reasonable and thus equitable distribution of marital assets and property.

Factors which may affect the equitable distribution include the duration of the marriage, who the primary income earner was, whether one spouse was “at fault” for the dissolution of the marriage, what each party’s financial situation is at the time of the divorce, whether there is a child(ren) from the marriage, which spouse will retain custody of the child and other factors.

To protect your interests and defend your right to equitable distribution of all marital assets and real estate, it is important that you contact an experienced Winter Springs divorce attorney as soon as possible. John M. Iriye, P.A. has 15 years experience successfully representing clients in all kinds of family law and divorce cases. We know how judges view equitable distribution and we know the measures the opposing attorney may go to in an effort to discredit you and/or secure a larger percentage of the martial assets for a client. In some cases, attempts may be made to secure separate property that should not be included in the equitable distribution process. Our firm is here to aggressively advocate on your behalf and help you fight to receive the real estate, assets and other marital property you deserve. Contact us today.