Developing Parenting Plan

Developing a Parenting Plan

Lawmakers in Florida believe that even when a couple makes the determination to end their marriage and go their separate ways, it is in the best interest of the child(ren) that the couple continue a shared responsibility for the child’s health, general welfare and successful upbringing. With both parents playing an active role in the child’s life, studies have shown that he or she will have a much better chance at happiness and success.

As part of Florida divorce proceedings, parents are required to develop a parenting plan which clearly lays out each parent’s responsibilities as to the daily routines and duties associated with the rearing of their child(ren). This plan must also include agreements as to where the children will live, a specific time-sharing schedule, the methods and means each parent with use in communicating with their child, and a concise designation as to which parent will be responsible for matters including health care, school issues, extra-curricular activities, religion and more.

There is no question that divorces can be extremely complex and may lack an appropriate civility. When there are children from a marriage, it is important that their best interests are represented and protected at all times. Florida judges and courts are strict in requiring parenting plans. No matter the circumstances leading up to the dissolution of the marriage, when it comes to the child or children from a marriage, their needs are the primary concern. Exercising a certain level of mutual respect, concern for the child’s welfare, being willing to honor each other’s opinions, boundaries and differences, are all key points in developing a workable parenting plan.

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