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The issues that present themselves in commercial real estate can range in their level of severity. Sometimes they are able to be easily addressed with the assistance of a lawyer with offices in Winter Springs and sometimes they need further legal action. Litigation is necessary in many situations where a solution has not been as easily obtained, such as the violation of terms set forth in a contract. If dealt with incorrectly, commercial litigation can have a number of damaging effects–most notably through finances. Our attorney is a strong litigator that is able to stand firmly on the points of those we represent.

Commercial litigation may be necessary on both sides of real estate; from owners and sellers to buyers and renters. We are knowledgeable in the rights and responsibilities of both sides and we represent a range of related matters. Discuss your case with us personally through a confidential consultation. The following are some of the areas that litigation may be necessary in, but there are many other areas that our firm is able to offer sound counsel in:

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For more than 23 years attorney John M. Iriye has been practicing law and furthering the professional capability that he offers to his clients. At our firm we continually look to stay updated on any changes in this area of the law and our lengthy background has allowed us to take on commercial real estate cases with all types of legal issues. We seek solutions for owners, buyers, sellers and renters that have experienced difficulty in an area of commercial real estate. Learn more by getting in touch with us at your earliest convenience.