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Whether your situation relates to a commercial real estate transaction, breach of contract, or divorce, you can rely on us to do whatever it takes to help you.  The team at John M. Iriye P.A. is well-known and respected for their tireless dedication to helping businesses and families through good times and bad times.

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John has been practicing law since 1996 and can help you in all of your legal needs, whether you are you getting divorced, selling commercial real estate, or enforcing a contract.  We will do whatever is necessary to protect you, your business, and your family.  Our firm understands that the time surrounding a divorce can be stressful and emotionally traumatizing.  So, we understand that family matters are more draining on your emotions than an economic recession drains money from your business.  We will work with you to find solutions that will allow you to keep the right frame of mind, while you continue to run your business or maintain your employment.