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You may be the one that is filing or you could have been served with divorce papers from your spouse. In either situation it is imperative that you get started to find legal representation that can guide you throughout the process. A divorce case is a highly serious matter that can touch many of the most important aspects of your life. Matters of child supportchild custody and spousal support may all be addressed and if you are not represented by a knowledgeable and strong attorney, you may face the risk of an outcome that isn’t in your favor. A Sanford divorce lawyer understands the practices and rules of the Court and each Judge in Seminole County.  For those that have found themselves facing a divorce, have a confidential consultation with a Sanford divorce lawyer at our firm.

About the City of Sanford

Sanford is on the central east side and serves as the county seat for Seminole County. As one of the oldest incorporated cities in the Central region of the state, the town is filled with large oak trees, Victorian style homes, streets lined with brick and other aspects that give it an old time charm. While it is set back from the ocean, it is located along Lake Monroe which allows for access to and from the Atlantic. It a tourist location and being only 40 miles from Disney World has only added to the attraction of this area. The city itself has more than 50,000 residents as found in a 2010 census, but the presence of college students and tourists only adds to the social life.

The area was originally inhabited by Native Americans and the Seminoles later arrived around the 18th century. Today, the Seminole State College of Florida is located here, providing a larger presence of people and different feel to the community. In addition to the water access, there is also the Orlando Sanford International Airport which allows for additional travel in and out of Sanford. First Street is one of the main destination points that can be found in the middle of downtown Sanford. A large portion of the cities events are held here, from concerts and plays, to Farmers markets and parties.

Family Law and Divorce Cases in Sanford

In the state of Florida, divorce and family law are issues that are faced by many individuals from all different types of situations with different stories. Some may have been married a short time and realized it wasn’t the best decision, while others have been together for a long time but grew apart over the years. Florida has a high marriage rate, but it also has a high number of divorces compared to other states. Residents may be battling with their spouse to come to an agreement or they may be able to work together to come to a more peaceful resolution in a timely and cost efficient manner through collaborative law. Our firm takes initiative and looks out for the interests of those we serve. It can be easy to make a quick decision when you want the situation to be over with. These results can have ramifications for years though, and our team tries to find solutions that will work in the long run.

State laws dictate many aspects of how a couple can go about ending their marriage. This includes the legal grounds that must be present in order for a divorce to be obtained. Reasons include the mental incapacity of one of the individuals for a period of three or more years, but the marriage being irretrievably broken is more often used. The state follows the rules of equitable distribution and the assets between the two are divided in an equitable manner taking in to account the contribution of each party, the length of the marriage and other relevant factors. For those that are residing in Sanford, divorces are handled through the 18th Judicial Circuit Court Seminole County Court. The address is 301 North Park Avenue, Sanford, Florida 32771. To file in the state of Florida, you will need to have evidence that you have lived here for the past six months at minimum. Your Florida driver’s license can be used for this process.

Why work with a Sanford divorce lawyer?

A divorce is one of the most uncertain times for many people that face it. It can prove to be harmful or can end up being beneficial depending on how it is handled. John has been practicing law since 1996 and learned many strategies to help his clients obtain favorable results. By working with countless individuals before, we understand what areas to focus on and how to get started off on the right foot. Being the best is what we strive for and we are continually looking to develop our skills so that we can offer our clients support, educated guidance and a plan of action to find the results that they deserve. In addition to offering sound representation during the divorce process, we also lend our services in matters that can come later on. This includes those that are seeking to modifications the original terms, those looking to have a enforcement of a court order or others that are dealing with a relocation We are proud to serve the area of Sanford and it is our pleasure to have the chance to help provide relief and peace during this challenging time. Your divorce can work in your favor and we may be able to help!

For an outstanding representation of your legal needs, please contact a Sanford divorce lawyer at our firm today.

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