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In family law, attorneys assist families in their legal relationship issues, ranging from pre-nuptial agreements to divorces to estate planning. Do you need legal assistance regarding a family law matter that is affecting your life? If so, at John M. Iriye, P.A. we welcome your contact. At our firm, a divorce lawyer will gladly meet with you, assess your legal need s and provide a recommendation to help you achieve the best possible outcome to your case.

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John M. Iriye is a member of the Seminole County and Orange County Bar Associations and of the Real Property and Probate Law Section and the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar Association. He brings to our firm substantial experience in family law and a passion for ensuring that clients’ interests are met and that their rights are protected. We provide representation in all types of divorce, including collaborative divorce, and are happy to explain the divorce process. In uncontested divorces, we can ensure that the agreements our clients make are in their best interests and in contested divorces, we work hard to protect our clients’ rights in the highly contentious areas of property division, child custodychild supportvisitation arrangements and spousal support. Our family law practice goes beyond divorce, and we offer services in areas of parental relocation and modifications to court orders as well as enforcing court orders when one or both parties are in non-compliance. If domestic violence is an issue in your life, we can also assist you with protective orders.