Florida Real Estate Mortgages

A commercial mortgage will typically be pursued by a business rather than an individual and a borrower will be assessed before they are approved. If approved for the mortgage, it will be the business property or commercial building that is used for collateral. As with residential mortgages they will often include the monthly payment of the loan over a period of time. In some instances a larger payment is expected to cover the remaining balance and this is referred to as a balloon payment. These mortgages will generally be negotiated through on an individual basis so they should be done effectively for all parties involved. If you have a legal issue regarding the mortgage on commercial real estate, start by contacting a Central Florida attorney at our office.

Our office provides service in a number of related areas. The market is always changing and it is important to have a professional that stays on top of this. We are able to assist in owner financing, when an owner offers this option by holding the note and mortgage. We also work with clients that are facing the possibility of a mortgage foreclosure, offering defense to help them get back on their feet. Creditors have certain rights in the event of a foreclosure and our Winter Springs lawyer is knowledgeable in what these are, as well as how they are protected.

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When dealing with a mortgage, turn to our firm for experience in your case and devotion to find the best available outcome. Our team looks out for the interests of our clients and we have retained the results that many of them are in need of. We understand the different aspects that are present in a mortgage for commercial real estate and we are able to recognize what different strategies need to be implemented. You can request a consultation on our site or call our firm and set up an appointment.