Information Regarding Child Custody Laws

If you are in the process of a Florida divorce and there are minor or dependent children to consider, it is important to be informed on Florida’s child custody laws. In Florida, one parent does not have custody of a child.  The legal concept of custody was changed such that parents now share time with a child.  Usually, both parents have shared parental responsibility.  However, if there is clear and convincing evidence that it is not in a minor child’s best interests for the parents to have shared parental responsibility then the Court may order that one parent have sole parental responsibility.

Finding a resolution that protects the best interest of the children is the number one focus in the Florida family law courts. An experienced Winter Springs divorce lawyer from our firm can help you through the difficult process of reaching an agreement that will safeguard your children while protecting your interests.

Divorce cases that involve child custody issues can be emotionally charged and complex. In most cases, both parents in a divorce tend to want to do whatever is going to be best for the children. Although in the not so distant past the court views on child custody were different, today it is believed that allowing the children to have both parents in their lives as much as possible is in their best interest. Terms like child custody and visitation are now often referred to as time sharing and parenting plans in an effort to reflect the 50/50 split that the courts are now focused on. In the final account, the needs of the children are paramount, regardless of what issues the parents may have concerning each other. Why not allow the legal professionals from our firm to assist you in navigating the complexities of your child custody case?

Contested Divorce vs. Collaborative Divorce

In addition, our firm can represent you in a divorce case that is contested, when there is a dispute that cannot be agreed upon by the couple outside of court. A fairly new development is known as collaborative divorce, in which both parties have their lawyers present and they work together to resolve the matter and avoid court. Most couples do not want to go to court, understanding that it can be a long drawn out battle that can cost them more than they are already paying. Collaborative divorce is a great alternative for couples that have not agreed on all issues such as child custody but still agree that court is not the route they want to take.

Child Custody Lawyer Serving Winter Springs

At John M. Iriye, P.A. we understand that there is no easy way to approach a child custody case.  Raising a child is the most important thing that a person can do.  It is difficult to imagine that you will have to “time share” your children with your former spouse. Our firm takes the privilege of representing you very seriously and will devote our time and extensive resources to seeking a favorable outcome for you and your children. Practicing since 1996, we bring over years of experience to your aid, and will tirelessly advocate for your cause.