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Divorce is a personal issue and it is unfortunate that it can be a long and costly situation for many people. Often times the legal representation that you have in a case can weigh heavily on the final results that come through when the terms of divorce are set. At John M. Iriye P.A., our Winter Park divorce attorney has more than 15 years of practice in family law and related legal matters. Dedication is something that our firm is known for and we devote ourselves to the individuals and families that are being affected by these issues. Depending on if you and your spouse are able to agree to work together you may be able to have a collaborative divorce Many couples find this difficult and for these situations we are also able to provide strong representation.

Find Out More About Winter Park, Florida

The city of Winter Park is found in Orange County, Florida, and there are around 30,000 individuals that are considered residents. It is included in the Orlando Kissimmee Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is a section of central Florida and one of the most populated metropolitan areas of the state. The area of Winter Park is said to be 10.2 square miles by the United States Census Bureau. There are a number of beautiful lakes that have been a draw, bringing some to Winter Park for vacation and persuading others to become residents. The lakes are connected by canals, and while they were originally developed for the purpose of sending logs to the sawmill and preventing against the possibility of a flood, today they are commonly used for fishing, swimming and other water activities. The city began to be developed in the later 19th century when business entrepreneurs from the north sought to turn it into a resort area. A railroad track was put in in 1880 that connected Sanford and Orlando and increased accessibility to the location.

Officially established in 1887, the town recently celebrated its 125th birthday. There are still a number of historic sites and buildings that are over 100 years old. The Amtrak station can be found in the downtown region of the city in Central park, and there is a rail line that makes its way through Winter Park. Interstate 4, the 417/Greenway tolls roads and the US 17-92/Orlando Ave are a few of the busier roadways in the area and with the high traffic often caused by drivers looking to get to Orlando, these are able to help relieve some of the congestion. While it is located close to theme parks, the city itself brings a large crowd each year when it celebrates the Sidewalk Art Festival, the Bach Festival and others. The Sidewalk Art Festival has drawn more than a thousand artists alone this past year and been highly rated by American Style and Sunshine Artists magazines. There are three high schools in the area; Trinity Preparatory Schools, Lake Howell High School and Winter Park High School. Nearby colleges include Rollins College, Fortis College, Full Said University, Winter Park Tech and Valencia Community College’s Winter Park campus.

Florida Divorce Cases

Florida has been found to have one of the higher divorce rates when compared to other states. There are many residents here that may be going through a divorce and should be educated on the state’s statutes. To file for divorce here you will need to have evidence that you have been a resident of the area for at least six months and your driver’s license may be acceptable if it was obtained six months ago or longer. The state follows a policy when it comes to grounds for a divorce that fault will not be considered; rather it must be demonstrated that one of the spouses is suffering from a mental incapacity and has been so for at least three years. The other reason that can be used for divorce and is more often the one that people file under is that the marriage has been irretrievably broken. This is covered under the Florida Statutes § 61.052 (2012).

Florida does not have a legal separation option but there are steps that can be taken to allow for similar outcomes. Property is divided up through equitable distribution and for a couple that cannot come to this decision on their own, the court can make the call based on what they see as fair after considering both parties contributions to the marriage, their financial standing, how long the marriage lasted and more. Spousal support may be granted and the court can choose to look at instances where adultery was committed when they are deciding how much to award and if to award at all. Child custody and child support will also be decided in a case and you want to take every effort if it will increase your chance of having a final resolution that works for you and our loved ones.

Winter Park Divorce Attorney: Serving Individuals & Families

Our team is there for our clients throughout the divorce process and we start through a confidential consultation in which we come to learn more about them and the situation they are in. If you are going through a divorce or are considering the option in the near future, discuss it with a Winter Park divorce attorney at our team and gain the insight and guidance of a professional that has handled numerous cases before. Our services also extend to after a divorce is finalized for those looking to make a modifications to change the terms, have a enforcement of a court order or deal with relocation as the individual that is looking to relocate or prevent relocation from happening. While each case is unique, there are many similar circumstances and it is likely that we have represented a client that has dealt with a situation close to what you are going through. We have a comprehensive understanding of Florida divorce laws and how to go about filing, negotiating and arguing on behalf of our clients in the Winter Park area. Our main concern is to better your situation and use our legal skill to find a solution that is positive for you now and later on in life. Get started by speaking with a member of our team through a consultation. Call now for a caring and qualified team.

For legal representation you can rely on, please contact a Winter Park divorce lawyer at our firm immediately.

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