Buyer Beware DIY Divorce Methods

Buyer Beware of “DIY Divorce” Methods

Many of you have heard of “do it yourself” (or DIY) crafting or handy work projects. Whether it is creating a handmade sign for a wedding, or learning how to rebuild and refurnish an old wooden table, DIY is all the rage today. However, according to recent news, more and more people are attempting to “DIY” their divorces, which is often times causing them to suffer in the long run. Though many people are fearful of losing a lot of money by hiring a lawyer to help their case, investigators have found that choosing an alternative method may not help you after all.

One method of DIY divorces that are more commonly used today is via craigslist, which is a way for people to sell their goods and services (for a number of different things including finding jobs, used furniture and clothes, etc.) to people through the internet. One Texas news station found that services for divorce forms were being offered online as well, and after some digging learned that unless a person is a skilled legal professional, it is better to not have them touch your divorce case. One judge shares that when a person is required to go to court and they do not have the help of an attorney and the other spouse does, they could be in trouble.

Having a professional attorney on your side will ensure that they know the ways of the courtroom, as well as the many associated legal documents. Judges in this situation often feel helpless because they are witnessing a person make a huge mistake that is hurting their case, and yet they legally must make their rulings on the evidence presented to them. When a plaintiff does not have legal representation, they are often inept to make the legal decisions and arguments that would be necessary to help their case, and the judge is unable to guide them to do so.

While it is possible to file for a divorce using a simple “how to” kit, you may suffer in the long run due to your lack of representation. At John M. Iriye P.A., we are committed to helping each and every client with their various family legal needs, including their divorce proceedings. Whether you and your spouse are able to reach an agreement through a collaborative divorce, or there is a need for litigation due to the contentious relationship, an Orlando divorce attorney at our firm is prepared to assist you!

Please do not wait another moment to seek the counsel and legal guidance of a trusted and experienced legal professional who can help protect you and your rights through the divorce process. Contact us today for a Winter Springs divorce lawyer you can count on!