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The majority of people in our country today have been touched by divorce at some point in their life. Whether parents get divorced or a friend’s parents part ways, the fact that marriages fail is one of life’s more unhappy facts. If you are now facing the end of your own marriage then you understand the challenges that others have faced.  An experienced Winter Springs divorce lawyer who is considerate of your needs and goals is crucial as you confront these personal issues. John M. Iriye P.A. successfully handles all aspects of real estate transactions, civil litigation, and family law, ensuring that clients’ goals are met and rights are protected.

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The team at John M. Iriye P.A. is here to preserve your best interests and to protect your rights as you prepare to lead separate lives. With around half of the marriages in the country ending in a divorce, this is a crossroad that many people find themselves facing. Our firm wants to help you walk through this difficult time.

The divorce process.

Divorce & Family Law Firm in Orlando

When the decision to get a divorce is mutually accepted and a collaborative divorce can be accomplished, the divorce process will move along smoothly. When these matters cannot be resolved amicably, extensive litigation is necessary. Our firm has a strong background in litigation and can also represent you in a divorce appeal, if necessary.

Divorce is almost always a chaotic and painful experience when there is contention between the parties. In these and other circumstances, the decisions of child custody, child support, visitation and spousal support will be addressed by a family law judge and decided at trial. We have considerable skills of negotiation, however, which is why we encourage clients to pursue a collaborative result.

In Florida, it is considered both parents’ responsibility to support children of the marriage. Maintenance of a spouse and minor child is mandated by law before divorce and after separation. Enforcing court orders for spousal and child support is a service our firm can provide. Life will change a great deal once the divorce is final.Modifications to court orders may be required as your children grow, to address health issues, or to compensate for changes in your current job situation and income. Setting the stage now through flexibility and collaborative agreement, will make future divorce decree modifications, including visitation rights in case of relocation a relatively simple process. A divorce lawyer from our firm can help you with these various family legal needs.

Why choose John M. Iriye P.A.?

At John M. Iriye P.A., we understand that the end result is the test of true competence. Our Winter Springs divorce attorney started practicing law in 1996 and has over 18 years of experience in family law and related areas, including civil litigation, contract negotiation and service in the Office of the Public Defender. We are members of the Seminole County and Orange County Bar Associations and members of the Family Law sections of the Orange County and Florida Bar Associations.

When you choose John M. Iriye, P.A., you are assured of the guidance and support that you need in all matters relating to your divorce case. Whether you contemplate a mutually accepted, uncontested divorce situation or will face a tough contested divorce, we will help you address the challenges associated with either process. Our experience works to your benefit and while each case is unique, it is likely that we have dealt with a case that carries similarities to yours. Family law is an area that is personal and you want to work with someone you feel comfortable with and that you can trust. Our clients speak for us and they are a testament to our capabilities.

Legal Representation for Residents of Winter Springs

At the law office of John M. Iriye, P.A., we have not limited the professional services that we provide to our family law clients, nor have we restricted our practice to only one geographic area of the state. Instead, we are prepared to assist in cases of divorce throughout Seminole County, from the northern most reaches of the area all the way to the southern end of the county. Residents of Winter Springs, Altamonte Springs, Oviedo, and Casselberry can all contact our office for the legal support that they need as they attempt to proceed through the process of completing a divorce in the state of Florida. Furthermore, residents of Longwood, Sanford, and Winter Park can seek out the service of our firm for effective representation as they file a protective order for domestic abuse. In all that we do, it is our goal to provide nothing short of excellent legal service to families that are facing troubled times, and we are prepared to do exactly this for families in areas throughout Seminole County.

Our firm has the skill and background to assist clients who will need to confront antagonistic or absent spouses. We are well-versed in obtaining the appropriate temporary restraining orders where parties may be involved in domestic violence. Whether you and your spouse are currently dealing with a contentious divorce or you are able to sit down using divorce methods such as mediation, our legal team is prepared to make sure that your legal needs are met. We strive to do whatever we can in order to assist your needs in your divorce or other family legal cases. When you bring your case to us, you can rest assured that it is handled as confidential. In all family matters, it is our goal to guide clients toward an amicable and honorable solution in the best interests of the entire family, while still preserving and protecting our clients’ rights. Start finding out how our firm can do this by meeting with us during a free consultation.

When you want excellence in resolving all family matters related to divorce, contact a Winter Springs divorce attorney from our firm today!

Our firm proudly represents clients throughout Winter SpringsSanford, Longwood, Winter Park, Casselberry, Altamonte Springs, Oviedo, and the surrounding areas.